We love working with Spotify and have been doing so since their developer program was first announced in 2011. We have a proven track record building engaging customer experiences with their API. Also, being early pioneers of the now Spotify owned, 'Echo Nest' platform, we were excited to see what incredible advancements that partnership would unlock. Our comprehensive understanding of how these two intertwine, allows us to identify unique opportunities to leverage their extensive catalog and user community within intuitive mobile experiences. 

Spotify SXSW Experience

The Spotify SXSW experience is one for music fans using the SXSW Go mobile app throughout the festival period. The integration allows users access to Spotify curated SXSW playlists via the SXSW Go app, as well as creating their own custom Spotify playlist based on the SXSW artist lineup and their listening history on Spotify.

Gatorade Amplify

Gatorade Amplify is a web application that combines Spotify’s playlist recommendations engine with never-before-seen crossfade technology for interval training playlists. It also includes Hydric’s proprietary branded campaign playlist management platform, Lineup. The Amplify app allows users to generate their own personalised high-intensity and interval workout playlists accurate to the second.



Hydric.fm is the ultimate collection of Spotify-fueled cutting-edge tools for brand supervisors and playlist curators. Use Playground to determine what acoustic attributes and seeds create the perfect match for your brand or project. Use Lineup to ensure your playlist is always fresh and Visual Taste to see what you've been listening to and what you should listen to next.

Bose Readyset

Readyset is an addition to the Bose SoundTouch purchase process, that enables configuration of the just purchased speakers, before it has even shipped. Customers can use their existing Spotify account or sign-up for one, pre-load SoundTouch presets with Spotify playlists, and have their SoundTouch speaker arrive customized, programmed, and ready-to-go.

Bose Playlist Generator

Used within the SoundTouch app itself, this simple but powerful playlist generator will create a playlist suitable for any occasion. Tapping into the power of the Spotify APIs, genre and mood specific playlists are merely taps away from entertaining your party guests.

Past Collaborations

2011 saw the launch of Spotify’s App Finder on their desktop client, after which Hydric was responsible for a number of apps thats appeared on their 'store'.
Sony's 'The Legacy Of'
Designed to complement Legacy Recordings’ (of Sony Music) amazing back-catalog available on Spotify. It reveals the depth and breadth of catalog and influence of some of history's most transformative musicians through curated playlists, handpicked album selections, biographies, photos and more.
Reebok FitList
A personalized fitness app made for Spotify, it gives users the ability to instantly create playlists tailored to any workout; taking into account desired intensity, duration and any artists they love. With this simple idea, Reebok captured over 150,000 playlist downloads, 365,000 visits and over 1 million page views.
2011 saw the launch of Spotify’s App Finder on their desktop client, after which Hydric was responsible for a number of apps thats appeared on their 'store'.