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Create a playlist tailored to your workout.


Hydric Media partnered with Gatorade and Spotify to create a web-based application that would deliver personalized, insight-driven music recommendations to power fitness training.

The result of the collaboration is Gatorade Amplify. The Amplify app allows users to generate their own personalised high-intensity and interval workout playlists accurate to the second, that automatically refresh with new music every week.

The application is the centrepiece of a national-scale digital branding campaign in the US featuring Spotify ad media, managed by Omnicom, with special music supervision by Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak label.


Hydric Media were charged by Spotify with responsibility for the technology concepts, user experience design and development of the app.

When approached about the Gatorade Amplify project, Hydric was uniquely positioned to provide insight and advice about how to combine the wealth of Spotify APIs to construct a cohesive and powerful experience for fitness fans. Each Gatorade Amplify playlist makes use of multiple music recommendations, custom playlist artwork, custom cross-faded audio, each one of these features bringing something vital to the user experience.

Underpinning some of the most technically complex parts of the app is a customised version of ‘Lineup’, Hydric Media’s proprietary Spotify playlist management platform. Lineup allows brands to queue up tracks for their Spotify playlists days or months in advance using a straightforward browser interface.


The end result was a product that delivers personalized, insight-driven music recommendations that will be used to power fitness training. The app offers three different playlist types based on the user’s workout regimen:

1) High-Intensity Workout

2) Interval Training

3) The Steve Aoki Experience – the ultimate energy mix, executive-produced by Steve Aoki featuring artists from Dim Mak Records.

By leveraging Hydric Media's Line Up, Spotify users can save their Gatorade Amplify playlists to their library and they will update automatically with new songs every week.

Spotify users can save their Gatorade Amplify playlists to their library and -- one of the best parts -- they will update automatically with new songs every week. So if you use it often, you won't get sick of listening to the same songs over and over again.

Xiomara Blanco - Cnet

“This is a unique collaboration in that it's pretty on-brand for Gatorade—working out makes you sweat, no?—and takes the same type of wizardry Spotify uses for its Discover Weekly playlists and applies it to your workouts."

Jeff Beer - Fast Company

"Using large sets of data, Gatorade Amplify is able to define songs that are ideal for training, allowing users to easily create a personalized workout experience unique to them."

Joe Miragliotta - Joe's Daily

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