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Re-connecting with a long-time friend of ours, Stephen Phillips (Founder, We Are Hunted and Twitter #Music), we formulated an idea for connecting trending music with the conversation happening live around it on Twitter.

We found hiphop fans to be one of the most highly engaged music audiences online. With artists regularly dropping new tracks and mixtapes for free, then participating in direct conversation with fans and followers to spread the word.

White Label aims to cut through the noise and distill this behaviour into an intuitive app experience; pushing the hottest new hiphop alongside the most important tweets about it.



We set out to design an app so light and intuitive it required no walkthrough for anyone to start using it.

To achieve this, playback was designed to be instantly recognizable and fast to kickoff and continuous in the background. Swipe gestures were utilized to navigate through the chart and explore the latest from Twitter. And track tweeting was included to make it easy for anyone to join the conversation.

From experience we knew Soundcloud to be one of the best sources for new music. Artists, labels, blogs and PR teams use it to distribute singles, building hype ahead of an official release. We monitor it alongside Twitter to create our list of trending hip-hop; updating the app with new tracks each day.



We soft-launched the iOS app in late 2014, following up with an Android app in early 2015. Quality press helped us grow a significant base of monthly active users, of whom have discovered over 500k new hiphop tracks.

Ongoing Support

In the future we plan to add more social integration and the ability to save tracks for later listening. We’re also working on providing similar app experiences across other genres.


“ White Label is a hiphop music discovery app that should be made for every genre. ”

Amanda Connolly — The Next Web


“ The app saves users from checking thousands of hiphop blogs and social media pages — so keeping your ear to the ground is now easier than ever. ”

Alec Leach — Highsnobiety


“ Discovering music is one of my favorite pastime, and White Label just makes it easier. ”

Darren Orf — Gizmodo

White Label
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